Are Airline Discount Tickets Worth Trying?

Last year the tourism industry moved eight million people all over the world. The World Tourism Organization is forecasting an outstanding growth of about 4 % annually by 2020. A big deal of this percentage will be caused by low-cost travel. You can take part in this growth by just taking the following tips into account. These will be very helpful for purchasing airline discount tickets to any destination.

Ten tips for saving money when purchasing plane tickets:

1.Booking in advance is the most traditional and famous way of obtaining airline discount tickets. The sooner you book it, the cheaper this will be.

2.You can travel in high season with airline discount tickets. Anyway, we suggest asking for night-flight tickets, negative bands, weekdays and destinations under promotions.

3.If you are a student or a teacher, a sportsman or an artist, even if you are retired, you can get special airline discount tickets. The only thing you have to do in these cases is to hold a certificate that proves your identity and condition and submit it to the corresponding organization so that it gives you vouchers for these special tickets. For doing so, you may use ISIC Cards (International Student Identity Cards), IYTC or GO25 (International Youth Travel Cards), or ITIC (International Teacher Identity Card).

4.You should also consider travelling in groups because some airlines have discount promotions for people who are travelling together. The more the people who are travelling, the best discount airline tickets they will get.

5.In addition, you can also use a charter flight. These types of flights are generally organized by the travel agency as they buy flight tickets wholesale and then they sell these tickets to their customers. You should go to large travel agencies in order to get one of these airline discount tickets.

6.Besides, you should browse websites so that you get to know more about what prices the airlines are currently managing. Sometimes airlines do not sell all of their tickets and, because of this reason, they sell these tickets online at a lower price. Of course, airlines do not put ads about these tickets, but the truth is that airlines prefer selling these tickets at a 30%, 40%, or even 50% discount. Their planes have to take off anyway, empty or full.

7.There are low-cost airlines in the airline discount tickets market, as well. These airlines will not provide passengers with the maximum comfort and that is why these companies are called "low cost". If you are interested in getting to a certain location no matter how you get there, then low-cost airlines are right for you. But one disadvantage of this kind of airlines is that they mainly deal with short flights.

8.Stopover flights are cheaper than direct flights. If you do not mind waiting for hours you can find out the flight routes for the flight you are planning to take and get airline discount tickets for this.

9.You can also get airline discount tickets and special promotions if you are a frequent traveller because you can apply for membership of travelling programmes.

10.Browse the airlines' websites and provide your email so that you can receive news and special offers for subscribers. Sometimes they offer last-minute airline discount tickets.

Hope these tips are useful and get ready to travel!

Source by Lorena E

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