Are the Days of Low Priced Airfares Gone With the Wind?

Low Price Airfare - Are the Days of Low Priced Airfares Gone With the Wind?
By Henry Rustkirk

The world of aviation has come a long way from two brothers playing with a experimental aircraft in the sands of North Carolina. Once upon a time, travel by air used to be something only attainable by the wealthy and influential sectors of our society, but our capitalistic economy has made flying mainstream, and brought travel by plane to the masses. We have become almost spoiled at the cheap cost of flying across our states, country and the world, but with the looming fuels crisis, the dream of flight is slipping out of reach for more and more people. Some of the main reasons airfares are going up so radically include:

Sharply Rising Fuel Costs - This point is almost a no-brainer, but it can not be underestimated. The airlines had trouble making a profit before record fuel costs, but now they have no choice but to pass these costs onto the customer in the form of surcharges and fees.
Less Routes - As a result of rising fuel and operational costs, many airlines are running less routes now, which causes the demand for those routes to go up. This also means that as the demand for the routes goes up, so do the costs.
Shorter Routes - Many airlines are also running shorter routes, which decreases their expenses, but can also raise the consumers associated airport fees and surcharges due to multiple take-offs and landings.

There is no short term solution to the problem of rising airfares, and the outrages price of fuel is hurting the airline industry as well as virtually every sector of our economy. As fuel prices go up, other methods to saving airplane tickets will have to be found.

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