Are You Ready for a Private Jet?

If you hate long lines in the airport and endless delays both in the terminal

and on the runway, you're in good company. While some only complain and gnash

their collective teeth about the ongoing inconveniences of commercial air

travel, others find a more constructive solution.

If you have the resources, and you may be surprised that you do, business jet

charter is an excellent alternative to commercial travel. Gone are the crying

babies and hour long security lines. No more waiting for bags and missed

flights. Private jet rental lets you travel with comfort and ease, often for

less than you may think.

Why a Private Jet?

Outside of the style factor, there are many bona fide business reasons for a

private jet.


Very light jets and light jets are able to take off and land on a much smaller

runway than commercial planes. This offers you much greater flexibility when it

comes to your location. Rather than setting down in the large airport hours from

your destination, land only minutes away at a municipal airport.

You'll be able to skip delays caused by other flights landing and avoid the

hassles of crowds and traffic. Disembark from your private jet with briefcase in

tow. Hop into the private car arranged by your flight company and be at your

destination in minutes rather than hours.

Multiple Destinations

When your meeting concludes, why not head back to the airport and settle back

into your comfortable seat for another leg of your journey? Thanks to the

reduced wait and drive time, private jet charter allows you to conduct multiple

deals on the same day. Fly from one end of the country and back again in a

single workday conducting business along the way both on the ground and in the



Business jets, or bizjets, are outfitted to suit high efficiency business

travelers. Rather than a folding tray in your lap, spread your laptop and files

on a full sized desk complete with a fax, printer and other workplace

accommodations. You can kick back in your seat while on conference call with

your team, or better yet, bring the team along.

Passenger Accommodations

Private aircraft can accommodate four to nine passengers on typical private

planes or over 500 on a heavy jetliner. As you're chartering a private


not reserving a single seat on a plane, you may be able to include your entire

team or family without a substantial increase in price. In fact, if your team is

traveling on a commercial plane, you may find that a private jet is more

economical - especially as your group can work in a private setting and accrue

billable hours while in the air.


The convenience and benefits

of business jet charter are many. Your plane is waiting when

you arrive at the airport and as the sole passenger; your every whim can be

readily indulged. Your privacy is assured and all arrangements are made with you

and your preferences in mind. There is simply no substitute for a private jet


Source by Earl Ayrford

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