Australia’s Most Popular Holiday Destinations

Australia has something special in store for every type of traveler. Thus, a holiday spent in the Land Down Under is nothing but truly memorable and pleasurable.

Gold Coast

A huge percentage of the country is surrounded by waters-and they are not just your ordinary beaches. They have the best waves in the world. A trip to Australia should always include sunbaking in Gold Coast. You can also bring along your surfboard and check out the incredible surfing breaks of Surfers Paradise. When the sun goes down, prepare yourself for a shopping spree in the night market or to concerts and performances down at the patrolled beaches. Besides the waters, you can venture into several national parks with waterfalls, lagoons, lakes, and a variety of flora and fauna.

Alice Springs

Tucked in the heart of Northern Territory is Alice Springs. It's not as frequently visited as other destinations, so you can enjoy a little privacy here. This area is all about the outdoors. Every year it holds camel races. Virtually all those that drop by here always make a stop at Ayers Rock, considered sacred for the Aborigines and the largest monolith all over the world. Kings Canyon has several bushwalking and hiking trails for the adventurous.


Tasmania has nature and history all rolled into one. Plenty of the towns have cultural landmarks and old buildings, many of them built by convicts, while the rest of the area are rolling hills, wide plains, and fertile valleys that have become the home of farms and wineries. It's also blessed with a huge collection of flora and fauna and is considered the natural habitat of the famous Tasmanian devil.


Brisbane is the capital of Queensland. It has its own central business and shopping districts. Perhaps a good portion of the land has already been dedicated to businesses and schools. However, that doesn't mean there's nothing much to see in here. The city is the cultural hub of Queensland. It has several performing arts centres holding ballets, operas, and other live performances almost every night. Every year at August the entire metropolis becomes alive because of Ekka. It's celebrated with a lot of fun, music, and entertainment. You can explore the Brisbane River in the CityCat or take advantage of the sprawling picnic grounds of the Southbank Parklands.


Darwin is not only the farthest city in the country but it also has to rebuild itself after it was heavily damaged by a strong cyclone. Nevertheless, it's still lucky to have a very diverse wildlife found in the deeper parts of the forests and its marine waters. Many who go here would surely understand why it's dedicated to the well-known evolutionist Charles Darwin. It has several national parks, the most famous called Kakadu.


If you're looking for privacy, then Perth is the place to be. It has several islands that are uninhabited and can be accessed only by boats. Head to the Rottnest Island and discover the Fringe Reefs. Perth is the culinary center of Western Australia too.

Source by Beverly Maniago

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