Austrian Airlines | A321 OE-LBB | Heathrow to Vienna (Landing)

Click the link to see the takeoff of this flight from Heathrow:

Flight information:

Date of travel: 08/08/2016
Airline: Austrian Airlines
Flight number: AUA458R
Flight registration: OE-LBB
Aircraft: A321-111
Seat: 8F
Departure airport: Heathrow (runway 27L)
Arrival airport: Vienna (runway 11)
Flight duration: 1 hour 50 minutes
Departure time: 6:10 am
Arrival time: 9:00 am

Video information:

Filmed on: I PHONE 6S PLUS

General opinion of the flight:

The flight was very smooth. Austrian Airlines are a really good airline, and I would definitely fly with them again.

Apologies for the shakiness in some parts of the recording. It’s really hard having to hold an I Phone with your right hand at such an angle, for such a long time. 🙂 Any recommendations of any camera gear would be appreciated.

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