Avro VZ-9 Avrocar “Flying Saucer” Progress Report – Feb 1958 to May 1959 Documentary – WDTVLIVE42

Overview of the AvroCar Research & Development Program. Include scenes showing construction activities and test flights

The Avro Canada VZ-9 Avrocar was a VTOL aircraft developed by Avro Aircraft Ltd. (Canada) as part of a secret U.S. military project carried out in the early years of the Cold War. The Avrocar intended to exploit the Coandă effect to provide lift and thrust from a single “turborotor” blowing exhaust out the rim of the disk-shaped aircraft to provide anticipated VTOL-like performance. In the air, it would have resembled a flying saucer.

Originally designed as a fighter-like aircraft capable of very high speeds and altitudes, the project was repeatedly scaled back over time and the U.S. Air Force eventually abandoned it. Development was then taken up by the U.S. Army for a tactical combat aircraft requirement, a sort of high-performance helicopter. In flight testing, the Avrocar proved to have unresolved thrust and stability problems that limited it to a degraded, low-performance flight envelope; subsequently, the project was cancelled in September 1961.

Through the history of the program, the project was referred to by a number of different names. Avro referred to the efforts as Project Y, with individual vehicles known as Spade and Omega. Project Y-2 was later funded by the U.S. Air Force, who referred to it as WS-606A, Project 1794 and Project Silver Bug. When the U.S. Army joined the efforts it took on its final name “Avrocar”, and the designation “VZ-9”, part of the U.S. Army’s VTOL projects in the VZ series.

Shot List Summary:
1) AV & MLS of Avro Facility at Malton, Ontario.
2) Series of shots of full scale Avrocar mockup being constructed of wood.
3) Shows scale model of Avrocar being built and tested in Avro wind tunnel.
4) Scenes of 1/5 scale model of Avrocar being tested in wind tunnel at WADC.
5) Series of shots of full scale 20-foot segment of the perpheral nozzle and outer portion of wing being constructed and tested for propulsion and control — includes control room scenes and automatic recording equipment.
6) MS of man operating a skeleton hovering Avrocar model in room.
7) MLS of analog computer and oscillograph.
8) Several shots of men working at drawing boards.
9) Series of shots showing manufacture and assembly of first Avrocar and installation of associated equipment.
10) Series of shots of aircraft systems test.
11) Shows first Avrocar being weighed and moved from manufacturing area to test area

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