B747 low clouds and moist air, Massive Condensation

B747 and B777 creating a spectacular condensation burst over the wings due to low clouds and high humidity.

Sunday 11-09-2016 I was filming how the airplanes arriving to the Kaagbaan runway06. I was under the flight path of landing aircraft. I was hoping to shoot a few beautiful images of condensation. This night had light rain and there was a lot of moisture in the air and low clouds. nothing happened. Until I saw the low clouds in the flight path to the Aalsmeer runway runway 36R. I turned my camera and have thus able to film these beautiful images of these TF AMQ Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 747-412F and later B-2098 Air China Cargo Boeing 777-FFT.

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Sorry for the not so steady images on this video,I could not hold back these images i really do like them.

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TF-AMQ Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 747-412F – cn 26553 / 1069
Construction Number (MSN) 26553
Line Number 1069
Aircraft Type Boeing 747-412F
First Flight 20. Aug 1995
Age 21.1 Years
Production Site Everett (PAE)
Airframe Status Active

B-2098 Air China Cargo Boeing 777-FFT – cn 44681 / 1210
Construction Number (MSN) 44681
Line Number 1210
Aircraft Type Boeing 777-FFT
First Flight 28. May 2014
Age 2.3 Years
Production Site Everett (PAE)
Airframe Status Active


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