BA913 Frankfurt – Heathrow, British Airways – A319-131 – G-EUOA (Flight Deck + Full Flight)

Airline: British Airways
Flight: BA913
Aircraft: Airbus A319-131 (G-EUOA)
Route: FRA (Frankfurt Main) - LHR (London Heathrow)
Seat: 06F (Euro Traveller)
Flight Time: 1 hours 11 minutes
Departed: 20:50PM CEST - Runway 18
Arrived: 21:01PM BST - Runway 27R

The return flight from my friend (HeathrowSpottingHD) and I's day trip to FRA. The aircraft was 30 minutes late arriving due to being delayed at Heathrow, and then we were kept on the tarmac about another 20 minutes due to a problem with the air conditioning system after the doors had closed - an engineer was called back to the aircraft.

Long taxi to runway 18 from Terminal 2 and a departure to the south, bit rainy on the ground but by the time we got into the air it was lovely. Bit of cloud skimming breaking through the overcast and then turned for our flight to Heathrow.

Landing in Heathrow was mainly cloudy with 40mph winds - didn't get much footage of the approach for 2 reasons - one it was cloudy - and two, had a bit of a grumpy F/A breathing down my neck. Always one that wants to ruin the fun. But got a fair bit of the Lambourne approach and of course the finals and touch down. Crew shut down number 2 after leaving the runway for taxi as it wasn't really necessary to have on - of course this made the PTU go crazy once number 1 was shut down on the stand!

A MASSIVE thanks to Captain Ian who let us into the flight deck once on stand at Heathrow and showed us around the controls. Great end to the day.

Sit back and enjoy....especially the PTU on shutdown!


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