Bangkok to Cambodia – VLOG 99

Travelling from Bangkok to Cambodia - VLOG 99

This video covers a journey from Bangkok to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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For more info on my Cambodia visa run see here: for a blog post.

Parts of this video include:

0:02 Taxi ride to Don Mueang Airport, Bangkok
1:16 Stewardess shots
1:41 Getting a tourist refund (for more info see here:
2:20 Starbucks, I always buy food here at Don Mueng, try the bacon, egg and cheese muffin. Tasty!
2:49 Airport shots,
4:14 Boarding the plane, cheap flights = bus service 🙁
5:06 Take off
6:42 Approaching Phnom Penh
8:11 Tourist Visa part
9:12 $12 taxi ride to the city centre

Additional Notes:

Taxi in Bangkok - this one was expensive because I chose to use the highway tolls. You get there much faster but it comes at a cost. 220 baht for the taxi and around 160 baht for the tolls.

Heavy traffic around Don Mueang airport - They have now separated domestic and international flights in their own terminals here and the passenger demand is very high with many low cost airlines operating. If you are travelling at peak times (like I was on this day - mid afternoon on a weekday) then allow 20 or 30 extra minutes just in case you get caught in traffic.

Tourist VAT Refund - If you buy goods in Thailand you can present your passport, fill in a few forms and get around 5% back on your purchases. It's free money basically, present your passport when you buy your goods, make sure to have your forms stamped at the airport BEFORE you check in, and then collect your free cash after security. Very simple but many people are either unaware or too lazy to do this.
More info here:

Cattle class airline travelling - My ticket cost only around $100 for a return flight, but this is offset by being herded around in a bus to the plane. A price just about worth paying IMO.

Brown Mekong river - At this time of year (September) the river is just about at full flow and silt accounts for the colour of the water.

Phnom Penh Skyline - So many new buildings, if you notice green around a building it is under construction. Phnom Penh is absolutely booming at the moment with investment money pouring in and many new buildings are sprouting up. More on this in a later video.

Visa on arrival - My tourist visa on arrival cost $30, I am from the UK and this differs slightly depending on where you're from.

Problems with no portrait photos - I never usually carry spares and simply pay the standard $1 fine which has always been the going rate in Laos and Cambodia. But on this day the crooked Cambodia immigration officials decided to try to charge me $3 for no photos. I eventually got them down to $2 but be aware they are all as bent as a corkscrew here.

It's not that I don't like paying the fine, it's that the Scambodian immigration officials don't have standard black and white set rules. I'll have photos next time as they are inexpensive to acquire, but it's not good when your first port of call in a country you have cowboy officials on the take (on my previous visit I was short changed by the same immigration monkeys).

4G in Cambodia - Unbelievably they have 4G networks now running at decent speeds and for reasonable rates. If you are staying more than a few days then it is a worthwhile investment. Make sure your smartphone is unlocked beforehand, the booths at the airport will sort you out with a SIM card and dataplan.

$12 Taxi to 172 Street - I always take taxis now even though the Tuk Tuks and mototaxis are cheaper. Being exposed to the heat / dust / pollution for a half hour journey is not worth it, plus taking taxis are more safe in the long run.

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Lots of music in this video:
1st Song:
Downtown Stroll - Ruso

2nd Song:
Dont brother me man - Alan Coyle

3rd Song:
Always - Edapollo

4th Song:
Tucson - Silent Partner | YouTube Audio Library


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