Become A Better RC Flyer With A Computer Based Radio Controlled Flight Simulator

For many years, professional military aviators have utilized cockpit and flight training simulators to hone their piloting skills in protected yet realistic combat situations.  These simulators, usually small, tightly enclosed capsules are exact replicas of the military aircraft the pilots are trained to fly; F-16, F-15 and Stealth fighter for example.  The cockpits, controls and even realistic sounds are simulated to better train the aviator in a controlled environment.  These training scenarios have proved invaluable over the years in creating the best qualified fighter pilots possible.  Even NASA utilizes flight simulators to better prepare their space shuttle pilots for the complex stellar missions they will inevitably face.

It's undeniable the amount of patriotic pride that a country's military air forces have, over the decades, produced for its citizens.  For more than a century the commissioned aircraft, and the pilots that fly them, have inspired the members of their corresponding nations in such a way that literature, film, and outright imitation has been amassed in their tribute.  Jimmy Doolittle, Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen (aka, The Red Baron), Chuck Yeager, Neil Armstrong, Yuri Gagarin and The Tuskegee Airmen have all been immortalized by historic and contemporary aviation lore.

One modern-day variation of this acclamation is the devoted and inspired radio controlled aircraft hobbyist.  RC pilots, as they are commonly tagged, are steadfast devotees of the aviation niche, piloting remote controlled airplanes and helicopters that they build, fly and fawn over.  Their tiny military and civilian aircraft replicas are complementary examples of "imitation is the best form of flattery".  For many RC hobbyists, the real inspiration behind their remote-controlled flying infatuation is the realistic design that's incorporated into either an RC airplane that they build themselves or one that they purchase as an RTF, (ready to fly) model.  In a nutshell, the true fun is in the realism for a truly diehard radio controlled aviator.

Another means by which modern day RC pilots pay tribute to their authentic military and civilian flying counterparts is the usage of the previously mentioned flight simulation technology.  Now, via the aid of software advancements it's possible for an RC hobbyist to turn their PC into an amazingly realistic flight simulator from the comfort of their own home.  These software applications provide a true-to-life radio controlled flying experience that works wonders in training the novice RC aviator in basic flight, but also enhances the veteran's skills as well.  The product generally includes the software, complete training manuals, and even a USB connected radio control that rivals the genuine ones provided with an RC airplane kit.

Many popular remote controlled airplane models are simulated in the program, thus affording the user the opportunity to try before they buy.  Civilian aircraft such as Cessna's are represented along side intense military flying craft as the as the at-home flying simulator serves up a myriad of plane choices, as well as flying locales to choose from.  It's important to note that these RC flying sims are focused toward what flying a radio controlled aircraft would be like, rather than a traditional flight simulator application that attempts to replicate the real thing.  The main benefits for an RC flyer would be:

  • A broad choice of available aircraft, which not only lets you fly the real model in a virtual world, but also hones your flying skill for that particular RC airplane.
  • Multiple flying fields and sortie environments, which include weather and other flying conditions that further the training experience.
  • Multi-player options that allow you to test your flying skills against other virtual RC pilots.

If you're seeking the opportunity to advance your radio controlled flying hobby to a new level, or possibly get off to the right start with a new one, then an RC Flight Sim might be the perfect vehicle for you to do so.  Remote controlled flying is a fairly advanced hobby with many intricate details to be considered and mastered.  Setting up your own virtual flight simulator at home might be the best move for your hobby needs, as well as become an addictive activity to enjoy.

Source by James Patrick Lee

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