Ben-Gurion International Airport A Video Guru Production
At the crossroads of East and West…

In a land famous for both its ancient spirituality and cutting-edge technology …

In the very heart of the country...

Stands one of the world’s best airports:

Ben-Gurion International Airport – Gateway to Israel and the World.

Highly unique and beautifully designed,

Ben-Gurion International Airport is located in an optimal spot in the center of the Israel, just 20 minutes from Tel Aviv and 40 minutes from Jerusalem.

One of the fastest growing airports in the greater European region, Ben-Gurion International accommodates:

• Over 100 airlines flying to 200 destinations
• Providing 500 movements daily carrying over 60,000 passengers

In the past decade airport traffic has more than doubled.

Currently 16 million passengers pass through its gates annually.

The airport’s state-of-the-art facilities can easily handle the large amount of air traffic and passengers.

This includes: 110 aircraft parking spaces, 24 passenger loading bridges, 72 passport control counters, 120 self-service kiosks and 129 check-in desks.

One of the most advanced facilities of its kind,

Ben-Gurion’s ultra-modern main terminal, with its famous water-fountain, has over 10,000 square meters of commercial space.

Here you can find 40 high-end stores and large duty-free shops, for a truly unmatched shopping experience.

The airport is also a world leader in safety and security, featuring such sophisticated systems as:

• A fully automated HBS (hold baggage screening)
• Automated FOD – foreign object debris detection
• An ASM-GCS ground radar system for detecting unauthorized vehicles entering the runways
• And a new 100 meter ATC tower with an advanced ATC system enabling high level control and safety of all movement on the upgraded runway layout.

Whether you want to explore Jerusalem’s old city – the cradle of three world religions, climb Masada, explore Nazareth, float in the Dead Sea or luxuriate on Tel Aviv’s beaches – Ben-Gurion International Airport is your address.

A special destination deserves a special welcome.

Ben-Gurion International Airport – your Gateway to Israel.


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