Best Brands of Remote Control Airplanes

Looking into the hobby of RC aircraft flying is an eye opening experience for a beginner or a person with curiosity. It would be an insult to veteran flyers to call these toys because of the complexity of their designs with adaptability of their control. To a flyer these are state of the art replicas of the flying ingenuity of man. Choosing between the types of aircraft out in the market and the brands is overwhelming and thrilling at the same time. I have singled out three of the best brands of remote control airplanes per class for beginners.

The first of the best brands of remote control airplanes is ParkZone. Parkzone has an array of RC aircraft but what caught my eye is the Ember 2. It is a ready to fly or RTF model perfect for a novice in flying. It's compact in design, weighing less than an ounce with slow flying capacity. It is ideal for indoor flying, inside the house, in a gymnasium and on a fine calm day in the yard or park. Its spectrum 2.4 GHz DSM2 radio technology eliminate interference, just right for multiple-plane flying at the same time setting. Batteries are included. Throttle, rudder and elevator of the RC plane provides exact 3 channel maneuverability with aerobatic capacity. It is a recommended brand of advance flyers for beginners, who are starting to feel their way into flying in terms of speed, orientation on directions and control.

Second of the best brands of remote control airplanes is Hobby Zone. The best RC plane for beginners carried by this brand is the Champ. It is a stylish RTF model that boasts of lightweight durable construction designed specifically for flight practice. Its spectrum 2.4 GHz DSM2 radio system give flyers the freedom to fly without any interference. The transmitter is also used with bind-n-fly or BNF models such as the Radian. The Champ comes at an affordable price, for a product that is made with durability and high radio technology.

The third and last of the best brands of remote control airplanes is still ParkZone with its RTF remake of the P51-D Mustang. A World War 2 veteran airplane, this plane has seen more action than any other aircraft in the war. It is by far the favorite of most veteran RC plane flyers because it lets them live in the glory of its real life look-alike. The P51-D is the replicated from the original P51-D plane that is seen on regularly on air shows around the world. It has a 27MHz-Zx 10 3 channel transmitter. It has a durable and lightweight with Z-foam construction, which means it's easy to repair and can handle the beating and crashes.

This is just a snippet of the long list of the best brands of remote control airplanes made available for beginners. It all depends on what you suits your taste best. Other types worth mentioning are the ultra micro series, other park flyers and the BNF or bind-n-fly models. These are good to look at and will give you the thrill expected in flying your own RC plane crash damages included.

Source by Jackie Man

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