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Top Pics of Northern Portugal

– “The Postcard” by Ericrg from a blog titled “Oporto”
Excerpt: “Portugal is great because it is so cheap. The first thing we noticed after our terrible early morning train ride from Salamanca was the amazingly cheap prices. For example, I had a croissant and coffee con leche for breakfast and it cost me a whole 1.25 Euro. You could live here on practically nothing. With that said, other than the cheap prices, Porto(or Oporto in Portugese) is really cool. It is” …

– “63” by Adhigam from a blog titled “Getting merry on port and sherry…”
Excerpt: “In an attempt to continue ‘travelling’ despite full-time jobs, there is no better way than to hop on a plane on Saturday morning, spend 2 days viewing a European city and be home by Sunday evening. Ed and I made the most of Ryanair’s cheap flights, some proper summertime sun and lastminute’s good hotel deals in Porto, the home of port. The city of Porto is quintessentially European, with ” …

– “Spotted Soil” by Zento from a blog titled “The Faded Grandeur of Porto”
Excerpt: “I was thrilled about going to Portugal. Ed had his reservations, a whim I suspected came from traveling in northern Europe for too long. I, on the other hand, was eager to escape from the cold of the north and venture down into the Iberian Peninsula, back to my Latin roots. And what was best, the weather forecast announced much to our glee warm weather and sun, sun, sun. When we touched down in ” …

– “Teto da igreja” by Veludo from a blog titled “Braga”
Excerpt: “14/05/2008 — Porto/Braga Pegamos o comboio para Braga e ficamos no Hotel da Estação, que, como o próprio nome indica, fica em frente à estação dos caminhos de ferro. À noite fomos jantar no Felix Taberna. Muito bom. 15/05/2008 — Braga Passamos pelo Arco da Porta Nova e fomos conhecer a Sé e o Museu de Arte Sacra. Seguimos para o Palácio do Raio e Torre de Menagem. Fomos ao Shopping ” …

– “Boats” by Adrian from a blog titled “Porto”

– “66” by Adhigam from a blog titled “Getting merry on port and sherry…”

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