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As 40 percent of Nigerians are Muslim, Id el Kabir is an open event in Nigeria. It is especially found in the northern districts of the country where most Muslims live. Muslims who can hold up under the expense of it will go to Mecca in Saudi Arabia on trip. Muslims amass on this day for petitions and sermons at close-by mosques and in outside reaches.

They spruce up in new articles of clothing or, at any rate, in the finest pieces of clothing they have before embarking to the organizations. There, they give respect to each other with the words “Eid Mubarrak!

An animal or the like will be surrendered, if the family can stand to pay for it, and the meat is generally eaten by guests and also offered to poor people.

Durbars are held in a couple segments of Nigeria on both Id el Kabir and Id el Fitr, the two most fundamental Muslim events. There will be petitions, parades, the Emir of Kano in cooperation, entertainers, and clearly, a considerable measure of horseback riding. Diverse urban groups with Durbars of note join Katsina and Bida.

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