Booking Your Cheap Flight With a Pet Friendly Airline

Think it is just too selfish to leave your dog housed at a local kennel while you frolic under the beautiful skies or lounge by the beach in Miami, Florida? Then you are likely part of a growing number of people who are owned by their dogs instead of owning a dog yourself - and that's perfectly okay. You can take your furry friend with you and show him the sights and sounds of Miami - and this carries over to even those travelers who plan to fly to Miami. You can find cheap Miami flights that are pet-friendly and many of them will allow you to have "man's best friend" in the cabin during the flight.

You want to book your cheap Miami flight with a pet-friendly airline - and not all airlines have policies that are lenient and show your pet as much respect as you do. Let's run down the top airlines where you can find a cheap Miami flight that caters not only to your needs, but to those of your pet as well.

- U.S. Airways and American West. These two airlines will allow your smaller pooch (less than twenty pounds, including the weight of a kennel to hold the pet) to accompany you in the cabin. The kennel must be small enough to fit under you seat, however, and they will only allow three pets on each plane at a time between all flyers. This means that you'll need to book your reservation and let them know of your plans to bring your pet along well in advance to ensure that you are one of the three travelers who can bring their pet on that particular flight. If you're flying into the country, keep in mind that these airlines do not allow pets on international flights.

- Alaska Airlines and Horizon Airlines. On an Alaska Airlines or Horizon airlines flight, your pet may ride in the cargo hold during the warm months of the year only. Flights originating in Nevada and Hawaii may not fly to Miami with pets in the cargo hold, however, and all pets must be accompanied by a health certificate that was obtained from your vet within the past thirty days.

- United Airlines. United requires that flights that will be carrying pets are reserved at least seven days in advance and that the pet has a valid health certificate. Short-nosed dogs are not allowed on United Airlines flights in the summer months.

- American Airlines. American Airlines allows small dogs in the cabin, and larger dogs in the cargo hold. The dog and its kennel can weigh no more than one-hundred pounds to ride in the cargo hold.

- Continental Airlines. Continental will allow small dogs up to ten pounds to travel with you on your Miami cheap flight - in the cabin.

Keep in mind when you decide to take your pampered pooch along on your trip to Miami, there are fees associated with all airlines when you bring your pet. These fees can cost as much or more than your own ticket and range from $75 each way (Southwest) to $369 for a cargo ride on Continental Airlines. When traveling with your pet, be sure to leave some doggie treats or kibble in the dog's kennel for the ride, or, if you're traveling with your pet beneath your seat, keep a few treats in your carryon to stave off hunger until your cheap Miami flight arrives. For dogs that ride as cargo, you'll check your dog when you touch down in Miami much like you would your other luggage - and you can bet that he'll be glad to see you!

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