Brand Soulmates: YouTube’s Top 10 Travel Vloggers

Wanderlust. Since the dawn of time it’s been the bane of many a man’s pathetically accepted domestic incarceration. But NO MORE! Because the kindly travelers of the world can now share their enlightened worldly views with all of us through the magic of the internet! Time to strap on your safari hat and shine up that walking stick as we bring you YouTube’s best travelling vloggers. I’m Andrew Volpe and this is your ION Top Ten list!

Kicking us off at number 10 we have frugal traveler and former island owner, Graham Hughes! That’s right, this Ginger Globetrotter’s adventures visiting all 201 countries on the cheap,
WITHOUT FLYING, earned him nearly 20,000 subscribers, 3 million views and a year of owning his very own island!

Our number 9 influencer, Davidsbeenhere, is fighting the good fight for the “off the beaten path” places. Endeavoring to show you there’s much more to the world than just the “bucket list”spots, he has earned himself a plentiful 25,000 subscribers and in this totally­not­jealous­at­all- guy’s mind, the right to carve Davidsbeenhere anywhere he wants.

Tag­teaming for the number 8 spot it’s the Vagabrothers. These two internationally inclined brothers show their 70,000 plus viewers how to travel in style, on a budget while having the time of their lives. They’re vagabonds, they’re brothers, they’re…Vagabrothers. That’s a no doubter for best Saturday Morning Kids Show idea EVER!

Leading us to the 7th spot, are guidemasters, Samuel and Audrey. These two travelers first hand accounts of the best foods, games, cities and more are the go to source for their more than 25,000 subscribers.

And at number six, the Prisoner, no wait, wrong number six, it’s Kristen Sarah. Delighting her 60,000 followers with tales of her epic travels, this exalted empress of the excursion has the inside scoop on all the biggest sightseeing secrets. She can even help you get through the dreaded bus poop.

Bringing the heart to fifth place is Gareth Leonard and his channel Travel Deeper. Whether spending a year in Brazil, passing through the Middle East or chasing an adrenaline rush, Gareth encourages his followers to forget the tourist traps, mix with the locals and find human connection through challenging yourself to be uncomfortable in a new place. Shouldn’t be hard, I’m uncomfortable in my own place.

Just grazing the back end of the top 3, our number 4 traveler is, Hey Nadine! Bringing more than just your typical How­Tos and Travel Tips, Nadine has earned herself over 200,000 subscribers with videos about everything from traveling as a Vegan, scoring cheap flights and turning your vacation into charity!

Taking a turn for the serious, our 2nd runner up, JacksGap started his channel as your typical travelling, vlog, adventure story and found himself taking on a juggernaut, climate change. Well his efforts have not been ignored and have earned him over 4 million subscribers and a place in this man’s heart. Weather warrior, we who are about to die in a drought, salute you!

And in 2nd place, we have Ben Brown. A british filmmaker and travelling enthusiast who when not working on film projects makes himself busy living the sweet life and is not at all afraid to share it, any of it, I mean like at all. You. See. Everything. (Horrified face)Taking the top spot this week in an absolute no doubter, with over 1 and a half million subscribers it’s FunForLouis. Seemingly on the top of every Vlog list lately, he skates the world, roadtrips the world and has amazing dreads, all while giving us a glimpse into the ultimate wanderlust fantasy and we love him for it!

Be sure to like this video, subscribe to alistdaily, and leave a comment with your favorite travelling logger of videos. And for help unpacking your brand’s story, visit I’m Andrew Volpe, and this was your ION Top Ten list.

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