Budget Flights to Kolkata – City of Palaces

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Kolkata is established on the eastern banks of the Hooghly River, it is the capital city of Indian state of West Bengal. Sheltering almost 14 million people within the provincial frontiers, it becomes the third most populous city of India. Covering an area of around 185 kilometers square, it is the most visited city by people from all over the world.

City at Glance

Since the time of British Raj till now it continued to being one of the major cities in India and maintains to be the cultural creativity center of the nation. You will find the city and its residents very friendly, soft spoken and interesting, it will grab your hear by the auspicious and festive atmosphere around you with the engravings of its glorious anterior.

Jewels of Kolkata

The city was once called the cultural and intellectual capital of India and it still retains the status with its tremendous picturesque destinations. It attracts a number of national and international explorers with its scenic beauty and awesome festival celebrations with glittering decorations. The prime magnets of the city includes: Howrah Bridge, Sundarbans, Fort William, Victoria Memorial, Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Eden Park, Indian Museum, Nicco Park, Alipore Zoological gardens, Tipu Sultan Mosque, RabindraSarovar, Marble Palace and much more remained untold for cherishing the factor of surprise and wonders.

Antiquity of Kolkata

From being the headmost city of British Empire after London to the leading financial, cultural and administrative hub of the nation, Kolkata performs the best portray ever. It was the Centre of Movement for Indian Independence and had served as the capital of British Empire territories in India until the shift of capital to New Delhi. The city was developed as the trading hub of (British) East India and in now a days also it retains the valuable and qualitative impressions from its past. Netaji Subash Chandra Bose International Airport is the nearest airport to arrive Kolkata having routine flight tickets to Kolkata.


Although there are several distinct theories present explaining about the origin of the name of city but the most trusted is here for you. The name Kolkata is believed to driven from the term Kolikata which is the name of one of the three ancient villages that dates back to the arrival time of British Empire in India.

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