Forget back of the bus, cattle or economy class, a boutique airline company in France has launched an exclusively all-business class flights at comparatively budget prices.

Trying to make business class more accessible to everyone, French airline La Compagnie offers passengers a round trip from Paris to New York for just £945 (€1200) - more than £2000 cheaper than the same trip with Air France.

Launched by L'Avion founder Frantz Yvelin and former Swissair and JetAirways COO Peter Luethi in July, the company sets to bring business class service 'back to where it belongs.' Welcome on board: The La Compagnie team on board the luxury aircraft with budget prices

'With French style and American dependability, La Compagnie will become the choice of the current generation of hard-working business travelers who demand something more from air transportation' says Yvelin.

The airline's website states that their promise 'is for those who want to enjoy and exclusive business-class cabin at a smart price'

La Compagnie will operate a fleet of redesigned Boeing 757-200 aircraft, with 74 seats, that recline 180 degrees, set in a 2x2 formation throughout the aircraft On board there is complimentary wi-fi and all passengers will be provided with personal Samsung tablets loaded with a range of films, music, books and magazines.

On board, menus have been devised by Christophe Langree, the Michelin-starred chef at Hotel Matignon in Paris and amenity kits are by expensive cosmetic brand Caudalie.

There is also complimentary wifi and all passengers will be provided with personal Samsung tablets loaded with a range of films, music, books and magazines.

In the airport all passengers will receive fast track priority access on arrival and will have access to the Icare lounge when departing from Paris, and the 'Art & Lounge' space at Newark. Flights from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport will leave at 5.50pm and arrive in Newark International Airport at 8.30pm; return flights will depart New York at 9.45pm and arrive in Paris at 11.15am. "la compagnie" travel flight airplane "low cost travel" ticket "business class" economy flying traveling ny nyc "new york city" paris french france 2015 "economy class" plane airplane fly discount food "french food" onboard tech technology experience vip ipad tablet seat film movie entertainment sleep sleeping "united states" usa u.s. america bed business ceo airfare europe uk london heathrow usd "hiso report" monaco lamborghini ferrari bugatti rolls royce private jet qatar etihad suite apartment a380 yacht dubai

The launch of La Compagnie's flights follows the announcement that newly created Odyssey Airlines is to start all-business-class flights between London City Airport and New York from 2016.

British Airways already offers all-business-class flights on that route and Qatar Airways all-business-class flights between London and Doha began this summer. The Hotel Detective has to give this to Frantz Yvelin, the founder and CEO of the new business-class-only airline La Compagnie, currently flying a B757 six times a week between Newark and Paris Charles de Gaulle: He speaks plainly.

“Is La Compagnie the best business class in the sky?” he says at one point over lunch in Paris at Faust Pont Alexandre III, which opened in August. “No. I don’t pretend that. Call Etihad,” he concludes, referring to the Middle Eastern carrier known for splurging on its premium cabins. In particular, La Compagnie’s seats (above) are better. They are not flat beds, but “angle-flats,” which means that when reclined, the body of the seat is flat, but slanted. American and Air France also use angle-flat seats in business class on NY-Paris, and to THD, it seemed that La Compagnie’s is not slanted as steeply as American’s. (THD has always had to wedge himself into AA’s seat to keep from sliding down, and there are plenty of online complaints about the Air France seat in this regard


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