Buy a Private Jet – How to Hire a Pilot Via an Aircraft Management Company

Do not ever forget about hiring a pilot when buying a private corporate jet. You might consider avoiding this important aspect of your purchase only in case you are a pilot yourself. Finding a good experienced pilot is not cheap at all. Learn how to properly deal with this kind of problem in case you ever have to chance to buy a private jet.

Pilot payment can range from $20.000 to $120.000, depending on the experience and ratings of the person you hire, the geographical location, size of the company, frequency of flying, size of the jet, etc. It is also very important to realize that it will be most likely to have both a captain and a co-pilot aboard. Paying a pilot can be also influenced by your company status (how large is your company and how much do your regular employees receive). The pilots will need insurance, vacation and other usual benefits. It is well known that corporate pilots do not get paid as much as airline pilots. So be aware of that!

Aircraft management is another important aspect you should pay attention to when buying or already owning a private jet. You may want to consider an aircraft management company to take care of hiring a pilot, providing fuel and other maintenance costs. This is a great opportunity to move forward without investing too much time and effort yourself. A company like this can take care of pilot training, maintenance, insurance and all the other necessary issues related to your corporate jet.

If you sign up a contract with an aircraft management company, they can take care of pilot hire and you do not have to worry about this issue at all. Some of these companies can even charter your jet when not in use, therefore earning extra revenue for both sides. They can also offer a backup jet in case your own is unavailable due to any technical reasons.

Private jet aircraft management will cost your company about $100.000 to $200.000 per year. So what are you waiting for?

Source by Henry Luciano

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