[CAL Charter Flight] China Airlines B737-800 B-18606 NIGHT TAKE-OFF NOTO Airport 能登空港 2013.5.15

With Thunderstorm and flash of lightning - CAL's Charter Flight from Noto to Taipei Airport.
中華航空 能登包機 夜間起飛

Landing Video 着陸動画はこちら

2013.5.15 能登空港 NOTO Airport, Ishikawa, JAPAN(RJNW/NTQ)
- Flight Data -
Date: May 15, 2013
Airline: China Airlines チャイナエアライン 中華航空 (CAL/CI)
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 "50th Anniversary Livery"
Registration No.: B-18606
Flight No.: CI7593
Origin: Noto (RJNW/NTQ)
Destination: Taipei (RCTP/TPE)
Runway: 25
Take-off: 1007Z
RJNW 150947Z 26009KT 210V300 9999 TS FEW015CB SCT020 BKN080 17/13 Q1013 RMK 1CB015 4CU020 7AC080 A2991 P/RR FBL TS 20KM W MOV NE
RJNW 151000Z 27006KT 240V360 5000 TSRA SCT015CB BKN020 BKN080 16/13 Q1012 RMK 3CB015 5CU020 7AC080 A2991 MOD TS OHD MOV NE P/RR

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