Calling In Sick To Work

I don't give a fuck who you are, but when you call in sick to work, I swear eeeeeeveryone does this/goes through this shit.

I need one just in case my channel ever fucks off due to some bullshit copyright strike or something. Not got ANYTHING UP there yet, but it's there as a precaution.

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The following people need to grab my phone and call in sick for me on my behalf. Stay away from my texts and my picture gallery though:
Andy, Omar R, Osama A, Youtube's very own Sky Williams, Simple Basics, Jesse J, Azman, Seth E, Alex M, Tom L, Alex C, Kevin R, Prithvi S, Swiss Dave and Adam M!
Much love to all you insanely sexy people.

I'll keep writing this in my descriptions until I actually see the changes we wanna see.