CANARY WOLF – Congo Square

John Smiggy Smyth

Vocals, Harmonica & Percussion
Nik Pinarda

Vocals, Guitar & Bottle-Neck Guitar

Together for nearly 10 years, Canary Wolf plays funky louisiana blues- a taste of Tony Joe White with a respectful bow to the spirit of Lowell George. With Santana style drumming and mean guitar Nik 'The Groove Master' Pinarda on the axe and Smiggy Smyth on vocals, harp and percussion get down and cruise the blues in style. Singer Smiggy says "I'll take it to the edge. Sometimes I make mistakes; if you never make mistakes you just aint trying." And Nik the guitar says "who's he kidding, he's just an old fool who can't remember the words."


A few details of the Canary Woofers: JOHN 'SMIGGY' SMYTH at the splendid age of 103 has been playing for nearly fifty years, main band prior to this being EASY MONEY- good ol southern rockers very much in the styles of Tony Joe White, Little Feat etc. Easy Money went on to form the basis of a number of well known blues bands including CADILLAC KINGS, BAD TOWN BLUES, and now CRUISIN' FOR A BLUESIN', where John sings and plays harp. He also works with THE BLUES PACK alongside PAUL COX and EARL GREEN in this three lead singer blues band.

NIK PINARDA has also been playing since the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Touring extensively in Spain and appearing on TV during the late seventies and playing with JOHN GRIMALDI of ARGENT and PETE ARNESEN of THE RUBETTES and MOTT THE HOOPLE, in jazz-rock recording band CHEAP FLIGHTS. Many happy gigs with friend and fellow soul bruva PAUL YOUNG. In the early 80's after the colourful excesses of rock'n'roll, Nik spent a few years on vacation with PETER GREEN and SYD BARRETT. (Its an interesting fact that, returning from Spain, Nik's plane landed without incident whilst Nik circled the runway several times before coming to earth.) Altogether more sensibly John, when not singing, teaches submission wrestling.

On the gear front, Nik plays Simon and Patrick and Gibson '69 LGO guitars through a Trace Elliot acoustic amp. John uses Wes Western customised harps through a Fender '59 Bassman reissue.

John's baggy trousers are sponsored by BULLDOG LEISUREWEAR OF WELLING, and Nik's syrup is a product of PHILIPE MELAME OF PLUMSTEAD.Actually, its his own barnet - give it a tug at the next gig !

SPODE, the skeleton butler, the most musically gifted and popular member of the band is present at every gig in order to cheer up audiences disappointed by the rest of the band's lack of personality and talent.


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