Challenger 604 Private Jet Charter

Challenger 604 Private Jet Charter

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The Bombardier Challenger 604 charter jet has an intercontinental range of 4,700 statute miles making it an excellent choice for your next trip across the country or internationally. It has room for up to 10 passengers and offers a richly furnished interior with enhanced headroom and a larger cabin volume than other jets of its class. It has a fully-equipped aft galley with microwave oven, separate and enclosed lavatory and satellite phone service, giving you the flexibility to conduct business during your flight.

If you prefer to sleep away your journey, the Challenger 604 has three single and one double berthable seats, providing the comfort you expect from a luxury jet. The aircraft also offers a high-tech entertainment system with Direct TV, a CD player, and a DVD player to deliver in-flight entertainment.

Challenger 604 Private Jet Charter


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