Charity Shop Gold or Garbage? Flying The Amazing Returning Plane

I bought this toy glider in a charity shop on 4th January and put it to one side intending to let one of my grandsons have the first flight with it but we just haven’t had the weather or location to try it. Today I realised the carpark we were in was virtually empty so I decided to test it. After a few heavy landings it broke so I guess there will be another video while I fix it 🙂

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Science Museum
The amazing returning plane
Super Looper – The Amazing Boomerang Plane!

Filmed using
FujiFilm FinePix S4800
HTC One Mini mobile phone
Efine 720P 5.0MP Sunglasses Camcorder
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Efine 720P 5.0MP Sunglasses Camcorder

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