Charity Shop Gold or Garbage? Sky III RC Airplane 27MHz

Charity Shop Gold or Garbage? Sky III RC Airplane 27MHz. I don't seem to have much success with old RC planes from charity shops but this one was cheap so I thought I would give it a try. It uses 27MHz RC so the range is not that good and it uses a NiMH battery pack so there is a very good chance it will not hold charge for very long, but on the positive side it is a 7.2 volt battery so I would guess it might be able to take a 2S LiPo if necessary. It even has a standard JST battery connector so it will match my batteries. As soon as the weather settles down again we will have to try this one.

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Manufacturer details
Just checked these links again and they seem to have stopped working so I cannot offer any help here.
The box says it was sold by Maplin which is an electronics and hobby store in the UK and it has the date 2006 on the box.

Filmed using Canon Powershot SX60 HS
Edited using Serif MoviePlus X6

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