charter a private jet

Charter a private jet or Private jet charter is available here whether you want a cessna, learjet or anything else above or inbetween executive airlines aircraft rental will get the right personal jets for you with right private jet prices.

Time - It's one of the oldest sayings in every book, "time is money" and weather you have a work deadline or you're on vacation, most people want more of it. When you travel by private jet time is on your side. The aircraft leaves when you are ready to go and will never depart without you. In most cases you will be provided with one of the pilot's cell phone numbers that you can call if you are going to be early or late. Although every airport is different, at most executive or smaller ones you can literally have your ground transportation drive into the hangar or adjacent to the aircraft, unload/load your luggage and be on your way. There are several other advantages of using smaller airports. Depending on the trip, most often one can find a local or county airport that is nearer to your end destination. In addition, airports that cater to private jets typically have a lot less traffic both on the ground and in the air.

Comfort - Anyone who travels frequently for work knows the value of a window seat or even an upgrade to first class. Being even a little bit more comfortable can make a huge difference over hours and hours of sitting still. When you charter a private jet you are renting the whole aircraft, many of which have couches and even optional bedding. Although every aircraft is configured different, it is safe to say a majority of private jets available for charter have seating far more comfortable than commercial airlines. Not to mention you are in complete control of the cabin temperature. If you charter a heavy jet, such as a Gulfstream V, you will most often have a complimentary cabin attendant.

Flexibility - Most top C level executives lead busy lives. Things come up, schedules change, meetings get pushed back. For the CEO who is always on the go a private jet can be a godsend. As long as you are paying for it you are free to make last minute changes to your itinerary. You are not subject to the airline schedules, delays and cancellations. Bad weather coming in? No problem, leave a day early or change the flight route. When you charter a private jet you make the schedule and you are free to break the schedule.

Privacy - Although this applies more to celebrities and public figures than to the everyday business man, chartering a private jet offers you the ability to fly without being noticed. These days everyone from little kids to seniors is equipped with at least one digital camera. Using a private aircraft is the only way to travel incognito. The FBOs at executive airports are VIP only and they defiantly do not let the guys from TMZ hang out and loiter.

Prestige - Need to impress someone? Maybe you have a potential client or love interest that you want to make feel special. What better way to do it than to rent them a private jet? Remember your friend from high school who has the really nice car? Remember how cool you felt sitting shotgun driving around in laps? Now imagine how important you could make someone (or yourself) feel flying them on a private jet.

Pets -- Dogs are known as man's best friend so why not treat them like it? Most times, when you bring a dog with you on a commercial airline, they are treated the same as luggage. Some airlines even transport them in the storage compartment underneath the aircraft which, at high altitudes, can get extremely cold. When you rent a private jet, as long as you get prior approval your beloved pets can relax in the cabin with you. You may be asked for an additional deposit or cleaning fee, but knowing that the four legged family members will be safe and sound is well worth it.


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