[Charter Flight] United Airlines Boeing 737-700 N27734 TAKE-OFF TOYAMA Airport 富山空港 2012.5.2

United Airlines Boeing 737-700 was flying to Toyama Airport.
2012.5.2 富山空港 TOYAMA Airport, TOYAMA, JAPAN(RJNT/TOY)



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[Missed Approach,Divert and Lightning] UNITED 737-700 LANDING TOYAMA Airport 富山空港 2012.2.9

United Airlines has been flying to Toyama Airport. It charter flights to Guam from Toyama.

This landing was to challenge again.
This aircraft received a lightning strike in February 9 at this airport. And charter flights were canceled. The lightning strike aircraft, it was "N27734".
The same aircraft "N27734", came to Toyama again, to fly passengers to Guam.

I did the applause in my mind.

Date: May 2, 2012
Airline: United Airlines ユナイテッド航空 (UAL/UA)
Aircraft: Boeing ボーイング 737-700
Registration No.: N27734
Flight No.: UA1864 (Charter Flight to Guam)
Runway: 02
METAR: RJNT 020000Z 36008KT 9999 FEW060 BKN100 BKN/// 20/14 Q1007

This aircraft is ex.Continental Airlines.


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