Charter Jet Prices – Who Else Can Afford to Charter a Jet?

Who can afford to charter a jet? Renting a private jet for a certain route is one thing, while buying and owning one is totally different! There is a number of top reasons why people usually buy such aircraft:

- Important and urgent business or diplomatic meetings

- Terrorism related security restrictions

- Privacy

- Comfort

- Extra money (seriously)

Nowadays, the number of people who own private jets is constantly growing. Further, we are going to analyze who those VIPs really are. Let's see who can afford to play with such expensive "toys".

1) High ranking officials

Diplomats are those people who are responsible for peaceful relationships between countries, alliances and federations. They are offered all possible conditions in order to achieve the maximum efficiency in their field of activity. Buying them first class tickets for commercial airlines is quite naive. That's why governments provide them powerful and secure jets.

2) Military

It is well known that millions of dollars are spend by military for different kind of new technologies and vehicles. Every country takes its own security measures by investing in the armed forces and providing them as much resources as they need. Most of the army officials have private jets at their disposal.

3) Extremely rich and successful businessmen

There is another category of people that can easily afford to purchase the latest private jet models. Having a lot of money means being able to afford functionality and flexibility at another level. This is why most businessmen have their own private jets. By saving time they earn more money. High charter jet prices are no problem for them.

4) Superstars, actors and all those well known people involved in show biz

All well known personalities have fans, some less, some more. However, it would be impossible for them to travel from one place to another using commercial airline services. Imagine what scandal would that cause and what life would they have. Owning a private jet offers them greater privacy from the public.

Source by Henry Luciano

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