Cheap Airfare – Little Known Tips and Tricks on Getting the Lowest Cost Airline Tickets Possible

Cheap airfare is something every traveler dreams of, but the majority of flyers simply don't understand the best ways to get it. There are a lot of very effective, very consistent ways to get the lowers priced airfare possible that are almost completely unknown to the general public. Here are some tricks you can use next time you book an airfare to save big.

Check International travel sites as well as domestic ones...

If you're flying to the United Kingdom and you go to, you'll find the price they list as the lowest. However, what most people don't realize is that it's often times possible to get an even lower price by going to and looking thee. It won't always be true, but it happens commonly.

Don't get hit by weekend price increases...

One thing almost no flyers realize is that airlines commonly jack up their prices on Thursday night to test the higher fares over the weekend. If the other airlines follow suit and raise their prices to match, the price stays high. More often than not though, the price falls back down on Monday. So don't book on the weekend and you can avoid these higher fares.

Use Twitter...

Seems simple enough but this one goes right over the heads of the majority of flyers. Twitter is the hot new place for some airlines to announce exclusive deals, some which are often only a small fraction of what the original ticket price cost. It'll take you 5 minutes to set up an account and follow the airlines.

Source by Craig Greengrondle

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