Cheap Airfare – Use These Tips to Get the Lowest Price Airline Tickets Possible

Cheap airfare is entirely possible if you know what you are doing. There are many tools and techniques to getting great prices on airline tickets today. Here are a few tips that will help you get the cheapest airfare the next time you have to fly. Many of these tips work well for both domestic and international flights.

Consider Different Airports

Consider flying in and out of alternate airports. As a general rule, always try to fly out of the airport located in the largest city. That is generally where you will get the best price. But sometimes, due to other circumstances, other airports that would only be a short drive for you will offer better pricing.

Fly During Off Peak Season

As much as possible fly during the off peak season. The peak season for flying is during the summer and holidays. That is when demand for flying is up and so will the prices. If you can schedule your trips at other times other than on holidays you will get better rates. The one exception would be to fly on Christmas or Thanksgiving Day. Who really wants to do this? But if you can, those days will usually yield pretty good fares. Also, if you have to fly during the summer, early or late in the summer will be best.

Do Not Overlook Budget Airlines

Consider the major airlines and shop online for the best pricing and availability. But do not overlook the lower cost budget airlines. Two that come to mind in the US are Jet Blue and Southwest Airlines. Remember you have to go directly to their site for purchasing tickets. But the little extra time it takes for research could result in big savings for your traveling group.

Twitter Can be a Helpful Tool

Check Twitter for deals, promotions and last minute flyer offers. Twitter is quickly becoming a very efficient means for airlines to communicate quickly promotional offerings they want to get out to the masses. Sometimes this is the only source airlines will use to spread the word on a particular promotional offering. A while back, it was reported that one major airline offered a last minute air fare, just to fill empty seats, one way from New York to Boston for $10. Twitter was the only medium used to get the word out.

Join Airline Email Lists

Getting on email lists and setting up email notifications with the various airlines is also a great idea. When you join an airline in these two ways you are considered a preferred customer. Just like Twitter, the airlines will send out to those on their mail lists special promotions prices and offerings that are offered nowhere else.

Source by Mark S Myers

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