Cheap Airline Tickets For All

With the poor economic climate many industries are struggling including the tourism industry which has been heavily affected and more than others. If you have been reading the news recently many airlines have posted or are anticipating making losses this year. This will benefit consumers in cheaper flights as they fight for customers to survive. Although capacity has been cut in anticipation of the downturn, airlines still need to maintain certain sales targets to keep them afloat.

Budget airlines have been affected by the downturn and the previously sky high fuel prices which is reflected and has been cited as the reason for posting losses however it looks like it is the bigger carriers that have the concerns as the biggest fall has been in first class and business customer bookings. This means the cost of an airline ticket has been quoted by many companies as never cheaper. You can pick up a great value ticket at greatly reduced prices for longer haul flights.

One of the destinations that are worth checking out is America. You can find flights for less than £400 and popular destinations such as New York are offering amazing deals as the city is too been hit hard. There are hundreds if not thousands of empty rooms meaning you can get huge discounts, have a search now and you could enjoy four star hotels for less than half price. If you can afford now would be a great time to book USA flights.

Now would be a great time to look at destinations you may not normally consider as there are many bargains to be had. Remember to book any flight and holiday with a value of over £100 on a credit card to get the protection that comes with paying by credit card.

Also consider credit cards that offer discounts from holidays or cash back to ensure you get the best value for the holiday you want. Finally use the internet to do your research and find the cheapest operators, those offering the best value service, good customer service and on time flights.

Source by Kim Chambers

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