Cheap Airline Tickets For Students

Do you know students can get cheap airline tickets? Yes, airline industry does offer cheap airline tickets for students. Here we will discuss about the secrets behind getting cheap tickets to help you save huge amounts of money on your next trip.

Airline industry is highly competitive and to fill all the seats before take-off there are many strategies applied by the airlines. One such strategy is to sell out tickets at discounts to students. Not all the airlines do so, but still there are many in the race. You have to find out such airlines that sells cheap tickets to students.

In past many years STA has been offering cheap tickets regularly to students. It is popularly known as the largest student travel agency because of their huge discounts and great deals offered to students regularly. Do simple Google search and you will come to know more about STA.

The next good option for students to get cheap airline tickets is to consider purchasing "Stand by" ticket. It means you will be on stand by and will get the tickets only when someone cancels the flight or does not turn up. Stand by tickets are cheaper but you don't get any guaranteed seat on a particular flight. Usually luck favors and you get seats on your desired flight. If not, you will surely get a seat in the next flight. You will be enplaned on a flight when all the passengers who have made reservations have boarded. This option is good but it needs flexibility in your schedule.

The common formula of late night and early morning flights also apply here. Try flying when no one else wants to fly. It may be by mid-night or by early morning. During these odd times some good cheap airline tickets for students are available when people value their sleep.

Weekends are rush time for all airlines but not the weekdays, excluding the holiday seasons. Choose a day in the middle of a week and you get cheap air tickets. Some airlines have special discounts for students on weekdays. Grab those offers.

There are few websites that offers cheap student air tickets information. Keep checking those and you will get the best deal. Few such good websites are Statravel, Studentuniverse, Smorgasbord and Travelosophy. These websites have dedicated category for students from where you can get all the cheap tickets for student information with just few mouse clicks.

Apart from all these above mentioned tips, don't forget that contacting the airlines directly may sometimes help you in getting dirt cheap air tickets. Many times all the information is not made public about the ticket's discounts. The information just remain within the airlines' ticket booking clerks and its top agents. Contacting them through their hot line number or emailing them may work wonder for you in getting very cheap tickets.

Source by Harikrishna Patel

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