Cheap Airline Tickets

Perhaps most of us already know that there are typically three seasons when it comes to buying airline tickets. Airfare is normally least expensive during the low season period - November through February and slightly more during shoulder season - March through April and September through October. High season is May to September and during Christmas and New Year's. To get cheap air ticket during high season is pretty hard but with enough amount of searching and comparing may get the lowest airfares during the prevailing prices of that time.

High season is the only time when airlines jack up their prices in order to make up the loss of revenue they normally have to bear during very low season when most of the seats go empty. Why typically those months are high season time? All schools and colleges are closed during summer times and X-mass and New Year holiday times and family would want to travel during that period only so that the kids are back in school well in time for the classes.

All Airlines pretty well know about it and they sure want to take advantage of this very high demand. As such prices are usually higher than low and shoulder seasons. Shoulder season is the period when most business travelers also travel to attend fairs and deal with the suppliers in order to get merchandise well in time for holiday shoppers.

However, all said and done, comparing cheap airfares with all possible travel sites, airlines and travel agents or consolidators surely can help you to clinch the best possible travel deals. There is no one set of formula or mantra to get the lowest and most cheapest airline ticket but lot of patience with some flexibility in travel dates and buying in advance can land you a very reasonably price cheap air ticket.

Source by Kheri Chawla

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