Cheap Flight Fares

Cheap Flights Fares is a leading UK based online travel agency providing some of the UK's most competitive prices on flights and combined holiday packages to any worldwide destination.

Whether you are planning a luxurious escape to the white sands of Barbados, a business trip to New York, a safari in South Africa or a round-the-world Cruise, Cheap Flight Fares offers high quality travel services tailored to suit your needs.

Cheap Flight Fares has developed its own front and back office systems after extensive experience to keep up with the age of high quality and highly advanced information. This has lead Cheap Flight Fares to offer you more information and awesome offers on your chosen trip, whether you are looking for a business trip, a Ski holiday, a relaxing week on the Beach or a round-the-world Cruise.

Cheap Flight Fares also offer cargo shipping by air, sea and air freight excess baggage with very reasonable cost. Container services are also available.


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