Cheap Flights South Africa – How to Find Cheap Airfares to South Africa

  • Consider a Cheap Flight to Johannesburg, Not Directly To Cape Town
    All the tourists want cheap flights to Cape Town.  Cape Town is the tourism capital of South Africa. So during peak season (December through March) you have a much better chance of finding cheap airfare to South Africa if you opt to fly into Johannesburg. Then you can get a cheap airfare from Johannesburg to Cape Town, if that's where you want to go. (It's a 2 hour flight.) But the important thing is that once in Johannesburg you can find a lot of cheap domestic flights.
  • Get a Cheap Flight to Cape Town - Go Off Season
    South Africa is a big country, the size of Texas and California combined.  So there are several different climates in the country at the same time of year.  What does that mean for getting cheap flights to South Africa?  Well it means that if you fly to Cape Town from London in May for example, you will get a low season fare.  May in Cape Town may have rainy days but that is a great time to take an African safari in the northern part of South Africa, where it is dry!  So once in Cape Town, just get a cheap flight to Johannesburg, South Africa, then continue onto a great safari!
  • Fly Out of Johannesburg In Mid Day
    Johannesburg is the business capital of South Africa. And it is where all the domestic and international airlines fly into and out of.  This makes it the most competitive airfare market in South Africa. So once you get your cheap flight to Johannesburg, South Africa, opt to fly out of Johannesburg during mid day.  Why?  That's when most of the seats are available from all the airlines.  The business travelers travel in the mornings and evenings.

    High and increasing airline ticket prices for flights to South Africa appear to be here to stay.  Using these insider secrets will always help you get cheap airfares to and within South Africa.

Source by Michael R Giles

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