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Cape Town is a beautiful place and many people love to visit the Mother City be they local South African or international travelers. As flying has become more accessible more and more people would rather fly than take on the mayhem of South African roads during holiday season. But as with most things the cost of traveling by air quite high for most people. So I know that people are always on the lookout for cheap flights to Cape Town.

One way to find cheap flights to Cape Town is to do a search online.

There are a few online flight search and booking services that are build to help you compare the prices of the most popular local as well as international airlines that offer cheap flights to you destination. Dependant mostly on the date and time of year, you should be able to find quite a few different airlines offering cheap flights to Cape Town. Finding and booking your flights online are very convenient; all you need to do is to simply enter your desired departure and arrival points and the dates of your flights. The online booking service will then do a search and offer you with a comparison list with the different rates and their associated airlines. Nothing is stopping you from going to your local travel agent, you could make the same arrangements through them as well.

How do I make a booking?

1. Enter where you are flying from.

2. Enter where you are flying to.

3. Enter your departure date.

4. Check whether you want a return trip or one way (it is defaulted to return).

5. Enter you return date.

6. Enter how many passengers are traveling (it is defaulted to 1 adult).

7. You can choose to specify a particular airline if you like (this is optional).

8. Click the giant orange Search! button and you're off!

9. After a short wait you will be presented with a page of results (the cheapest fares from each of the airlines that fly to your destination).

10. When you have decided which flight suits you best simply click the 'add to basket'.

11. After another short wait you will be taken to a screen where you will see your shopping basket (with your flight in it), a choice of travel extras (such as SMS Alert and Cancellation policy) and a choice of hotels that match the dates of your flight. If you would like more information about any of the products, click on that product's icon. If you would like more information about a hotel, click on the hotel's photo (or the 'read more' button). At any time you can add a product or hotel to your basket by clicking the 'add to basket' button. When you are ready to pay simply click the 'check out now' button.

12. After a short wait you will be taken to a booking page where you can verify your choices and enter your credit card details. Click the 'book now' button when youre ready to pay. This may sound like a lot, but it's much simpler when you actually try it out!

Planning and saving on your flights to Cape Town is at your finger tips and only a few clicks away...

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