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Cheap: Pronunciation enPR: chēp, from Old English cēap . Cheap may refer to: inexpensive, such as Cheap travel, cheap holidays or cheap vacations.
The word ‘cheap’ can also refer to low, flimsy or poor quality, of little worth or value, or a ‘bargain price’

Cheap travel starts with finding a cheap airfare if you plan on flying or a cheap hotel if you are driving.

Look for local budget carriers, as they can only really compete with the major airline on price and offer a better chance of collecting a cheap ticket.
Finding the cheapest hotels is a lot simpler these days, with many hotel comparison websites opening up. Checking availability and price is now just a click away.
Some tips for cheap travel are:
1) Be flexible. Many times flights and hotels have plenty of rooms at certain times of the year and offer big discounts to fill the seats and beds.
Use the ‘flexible’ option when searching flight dates.or Wednesday.
2) Use the telephone. Calling airlines direct can sometimes produce ‘last minute rates’ for certain flights. This can be a great way to save money on plane tickets.
3) Be flexible in the destination. Certain destinations are a lot more expeensive, depending on the time on year. Going ‘off season’ can save you a heap of money!
4) Use any freqquent flyer points you may have accumilated. These can be used to reduce the price of an airfare.
5) Look for cheap accommodation. Home stays, hostels, or even house swaps.

Getting a cheap holiday is a bit more work and thinking outside the box but you could end up at some top destinations for a fraction of the normal price.

HOLIDAY: A holiday is a break from normal activities, especially business or work. Generally, holidays are taken away from ones normal, or day to day environment.

Countries have days on which they celebrate or remember certain events. A lot of buinesses close on these days.
Staff holidays. This is where a member of staff takes a prolonged break from work. The break is either spent at home doing nothing, or taken
in another place. Basically a time of rest and recreation.

TYPES OF HOLIDAYS: There are Religious holidays, National holidays, Cultural holidays, Unofficial holidays, Public holidays. The word holiday was derived from the notion of a ‘Holy Day’.
In modern use, it means any special time of rest or relaxation, as opposed to normal days away from working or school.

TRAVEL: Travel is usually defined as the movement of people between defined locations.
Travel can be by car, bus, foot, bicycle, balloon, automobile, train, rocket, boat, airplane and can either one way, or a return trip and
involves staying in one place for a period of time.

Travel holidays can be taken either as for recreational purpose, or to visit a certain destination on a voyage of discovery.

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