Cheap International Air Tickets

Buying cheap international air tickets can be challenging at times in terms of getting the best possible cheap airfares. If you really do not know how and where to buy the airline tickets you might end up paying more than 3-4 times the regular full published fare.

Call your travel agents to see if they have any better travel deals to offer than what you already found online. You can also filter down and sort out results instantly depending on the choice of your airlines, time and date of your travel and number of stopover.

Waiting for last minute deals may not be a good option, this way you could lose a lot of money plus waste of time


Avoid traveling on weekends - Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. International air tickets are generally higher on these days. Plus most airlines charge extra fees as weekend charges on the air tickets.


Scheduling your international trip off the holidays is perhaps the best way to avoid overbooked and busy flights. The time, day, seasons, and month is very important in determining how much you are willing to pay for cheap international air tickets.


Avoid flying during high peak summer seasons or winter holiday times. Flying during the winter season except of course during Christmas and New Year is the best way to get savings.

Plan ahead and buy in advance. Buying at least 3-4 months ahead of your travel date can really save you many extra dollars. Many a times it depends the time you decide to book flight and availability of seats in low airfares at that particular time.

There is no single magic or set of formulas that one can apply and get cheap international air tickets. One has to try all options available and have patience in searching, browsing and comparing all the low airfares available at any given time.

Source by Kheri Chawla

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