Cheap Last Minute Flights To Exotic Locations For Less Than Half Price

Experienced World Traveler's know how to find cheap airfares.One has finally let his secret to finding cheap flights slip. It's not a travel agency, ticket broker, reverse plane ticket auction site or ticket consolidator. But it is an easy way to book a cheap flight to exotic locations around the globe.

Would you ever dream that you could fly from the US to Rio de Janeiro Brazil for $200? Or explore Sydney Australia for a mere $399 round trip? If these cheap airfares sound too good to be true, then you'd better think again, thousands of cheap last minute flights to international destinations such as London, Paris, Rome, Tokyo Seoul and Hong Kong are available to private couriers who are flexible and able to travel at a moments notice.

Courier companies are now offering discount airfares to passengers willing to accompany time-sensitive business cargo to their overseas destinations. In many cases, these discount plane tickets are reduced by as much as 50 to 85 percent off the normal ticket price.

Freight companies such as Federal Express, UPS and many others, offer cheap airline tickets to private couriers to transport their shipments as luggage when they do not have enough cargo to justify using one of their own large cargo planes. It's more cost-effective, and also ensures that their cargo won't be delayed in customs for a prolonged period of time.

Couriers for these freight delivery companies enjoy cheap airfare deals on a commercial aircraft, in a regular business class seat, to international destinations around the world for half price or even less. The only drawback is this: due to the fact that the freight will be taking up your allotted baggage space, your personal luggage is limited to carry on bags only, in most cases. And if you are traveling with a spouse, they will most likely have to schedule another courier flight and meet up with you after you arrive.

But the advantages of buying cheap last minute flights through a courier freight company far out weigh a few minor luggage inconveniences. You just can't beat saving more than $1350 on a round trip ticket to Bangkok or $961 round trip to Brussels simply by signing up to be a private courier and scheduling a flight.

Heck, with plane ticket discounts that huge, you can forget the baggage all together and buy new clothes when you get there!

Source by Jennifer L. Wilson

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