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2. Maps and Guides
Will you be driving or hiking at your destination? If so take maps of the areas you will be exploring. They are a great back-up to Satnav if you are driving. Always plan your route carefully to ensure a smooth break. Guides to theme parks are also a good addition, which can often be ordered before you arrive to save queuing at the booking office. Theme parks can be very big, so a planned approach is essential to prevent walking around in circles and wasting time. Check on the opening and closing times and, if the park includes animals, the feeding times. Ensure you get the best deals on the park tickets, which all helps to add to the value of where to get cheap holidays.

3. Tickets
Don’t leave home without them! Many a spoiled vacation has occurred due to forgotten tickets. Double check the dates and times on the tickets. Give yourself plenty of time to book in at airports or bus/train stations. With the additional security prevalent these days, you have to allow additional time for arriving at your point of departure. Do remember any pre-booked tickets for theme parks, concerts, tours, etc.

4. Passports and Visas
Are other documents that, if forgotten, can spoil your holiday. Also, are the passports and visas still valid? For peace of mind, carry another form of photographic identity with you as you never know when it might be asked for in these days of increased security.


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