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So you’ve decided who the vacation is for, the best type of holiday to suit your particular interests or perhaps the interests of others who might be going with you. You deserve to get away because of your workload, work pressures or simply to recharge your batteries. The time of year has been a deciding factor, along with the cost of the holiday as you have already looked where to get cheap holidays and how you are going to get there.
Now comes the organisation of the break. Probably the most crucial part of the journey is the documentation.
Ensure all the travel information is organised in one central place. Use a document wallet or file and include all your important travel information in this central location, so you will know where all the vacation details are kept. There are eight essential pieces of documentation that you need for most holidays.

1. A List
Compile a list well in advance of the journey. I have put one together sometimes several weeks before I go. Keep a copy of the list and use it for future breaks, it saves a lot of time and energy. By putting together a list of every item you want to include before you start filling your baggage, you will be assured that you have packed all you require. In order for this to work, write the list before you put anything in your bags. As you put each item in your luggage, tick it from your list. For a last minute check, revisit your list to ensure each item is accounted for and there are no more things you want to place in your bags. You’ve decided on where to get cheap holidays so don’t forget such a simple thing as a list.
Apart from the checklist for items to take on holidays, what about a checklist for your home and security? Ensure all doors, windows and outside storage areas are locked. Check all gas and electricity is turned off. Make sure any regular deliveries of groceries or papers have been cancelled. One major check for me is to book my pets into kennels well in advance of the holiday, especially if it during peak time.


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