Cheap Ways to Travel

If you're planning to stay in Europe this summer there are plenty of cheap and environmentally friendly ways to travel, all available to book and research online. For flights, online budget airlines serving a comprehensive range of flights are an efficient option and available for online booking via their user-friendly websites, with flexible return fares - perfect for the spontaneous traveller liable to change their route at the last minute. If you're choosing flights, Fly Monarch fly to some popular destinations in Europe, with cheap flights to big cities like Barcelona, which act as a useful starting point for European jaunts, as they are a centre of activity and a convenient way to start a trip.

Interrailing has proven to be popular travel option with students and the under 25s, due to the flexibility and economic viability of the scheme. For example, it is possible to tailor-make a ticket to suit your exact needs. If you are planning on staying in just one country then a one-country pass will be all that you need. Two-country passes are also available, as well as global passes for those who have a whole range of destinations in mind. The discounts for young travellers are, of course, fantastic, and it's also possible to choose a ticket which will suit precisely the amount of train travel you intend to undertake.

Options include 3, 4 and 5 days of travel within a month long period, or, for more ambitious travel, it is possible to buy an all inclusive unlimited pass for a higher fee. If you're travelling in a large group of 30 or 40, the bus is often, collectively, the cheapest option; however it is also probably one of the slowest and least comfortable methods of travelling. Unless you're intending to hire a private, good quality bus for you and your party for the duration of your stay, it probably isn't the wisest choice. Long bus journeys within Europe tend to be stressful, crowded, hot and generally unpleasant, and most travellers resolve to pay extra and take the train next time.

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