Commuter Craft, Innovator Aircraft, lightsport and experimental light sport aircraft. – Commuter Craft Innovator Aircraft, lightsport and experimental light sport aircraft.

The Commuter Craft Innovator Aircraft is a side-by-side two-place kit-built personal vehicle that provides transportation solutions not previously available. The product line creates a new generation of personal travel that is safer, more comfortable, more economical, more efficient, better performing, and more ecologically responsible than transportation options in its class. The Innovator Aircraft does all of this at a competitive price. This product is born from the objective that the basic design had to be best-in-class and provide exceptional range, speed, handling, safety and comfort for the two-place aircraft market.

Commuter Craft created the core of the vehicle using computer modeling to assure superior structural strength, minimal weight and aerodynamic drag fitted to an ergonomically advanced cockpit environment for superior comfort and functionality. Through extensive use of advanced composites, the styling is sleek and powerful, as well as functional, and creates a new generation of personal travel when compared to other two-place vehicles in the market.

Following are design features of the Innovator Aircraft:


Following is a summary of Innovator Aircraft safety features:

Strong and safe advanced composite structure
Stall and spin-resistant configuration
Lands slowly and in a short distance
Low-slung dash for increased visibility
Cushioned side panels and enclosure
Optional airbag seatbelts
Comfortable and supportive reclined seating to promote diligent flight
Heavy-duty landing gear

The Innovator Aircraft’s advanced composite structure provides protection for the passengers by dissipating energy different from other structures. Survival pods for extreme race cars and boats are made with the similar structures to what we use to build Innovator Aircraft. This provides the cornerstone of protection for the occupants.

The Innovator Aircraft was designed in a three-surface aerodynamic configuration. This three-surface design consists of a main wing, canard, and conventional elevator. This configuration makes the Innovator Aircraft resistant to stalls and spins which greatly enhances safety.

Commuter Craft Innovator Three Surface Design

The Innovator Aircraft’s low-slung dash allows good visibility over the nose for landing. Cushioned side panels and enclosure help protect the occupants. Add optional airbag seatbelts (seatbelts that inflate) and the unrivaled cockpit composite structure maximizes protection of the occupants. The seating is reclined, which supports the back, head and legs. Video and Audio content is Copyright © Sport Aviation Magazine. This video and audio material may not be reproduced in any form without written permission.

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Commuter Craft, Innovator Aircraft, Canard Aircraft, Twin Tail Aircraft, Titan Aircraft Engine, – Commuter Craft Innovator Aircraft, lightsport and experimental light sport aircraft.


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