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The A2A Piper Cub

Score: Must have

Audio Transcript
A2A Piper Cub Review

What can be said about A2As piper cub that hasn’t also been said about… a lot of other good things. The Piper cub is a very famous aircraft. Its A great training aircraft. You will learn how to fly in this plane. Its known not to be forgiving to people who dont handle her properly. It design is the epitome of simplicity. Fancy avionics? Nope! Good old fashion pilotage and dead reckoning are the only ways to fly this bird. Fancy avionics. PSST! The cub has only the bare minimum required by 91.205. yet this airplane has stood the test of time itself to be one of the most famous airplanes around. Its so famous that Microsoft included a cub by default in FSX. So why you may be wondering. Why Should you buy what is included with FSX already? Well lets see.

The Good
ACCUSIM physics. This airplane is by far one of the most realistic recreations of an aircraft ever made for a simulator. From taxing to takeoff, maneuvers to landing. You can almost feel the vertigo. Even with simple input controls. Im only using a single joystick.
Includes 3 models. In addition to stock you also have float, ski, and tundra tire variants available.
Persistent aircraft means you have to take care of her. Love her. Change the oil at the right time, or youll have a bad time.
Heidi is one of the coolest things i’ve seen in FSX. A reactive passenger. Not the fake kind like passenger addons for airliners. She actually reacts to your flying and the enviroment. Her mood can be changed, or you can shut her up completely (a feature the is sadly missing in real People). Shes even help full pointing out traffic to you.
The sound is amazing. From moving the Magnetos to pulling the primer knob. You can tell everything was recorded from the real aircraft. With HD recording hardware to. The sound really draws you into the simulation. Even more than the physics

The Bad
I had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find these
The interface for maintaining the aircraft is abit ugly. Not as clean and good looking as their newer aircraft. But you got to start somewhere. IE: you can tell this is pre-A2A C172.
Not really a fault of the addon but it should be said this is a slow bird. Seriously if you think your going anywhere fast think again. It climbs slow, its speed across the ground is slow. But this in a way is a good thing. This aircraft is more about slowing down and reminding you of the fundamentals of flying. Less about system and avionics management. Just be warned its painfully slow.

The Unforgivable

Closing Argument
Do you want to learn to fly? No matter if your new to flight simming. Or a hardcore jet jock with hundreds of hours in the most complex aircraft. This plane will teach you to fly. You will be reminded of the fundamentals of flight. She is temperamental and will bite you if your not careful. But by far she is the most rewarding plane to fly. Just get use to seeing the cars on the ground pass you.

Must have
I dont give out the Must have label lightly. I know a lot of people say This or that is a must have but most FS addons can be skipped it comes down to how you use your simulator as to weather you should own any addon. Some one who fly’s airliners exclusively wont benefit from an F15. This however is the one addon I own that I would say is definitely worth it to anyone. From the noob’s to the jet jocks. This airplane will teach you to fly. No fancy avionics to get lost in or distracted by. Slow enough that you can enjoy scenery.

This is available for purchase from A2As website and on the DLC section of FSXSE. And is the one bit of DLC id say is worth getting off of sale.


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