CP. Incorporated / Moller International – “Firefly” Test Flight 5-26-2015

CP, Incorporated / Moller Internationals pre launch into the "unmanned" package / parcel delivery market.

http://www.clairepeetz.com & http://www.moller.com

More videos

More Videos located at : http://www.moller.com/neuera.html

Over the past 30+ years Moller International and its predecessor companies have been working on the development of the technologies required for a new class of vehicles called volantors. The M200G "Neuera" (pronounced "new era") will be the first of these volantors to enter the market as a vertical take off & landing (VTOL) fast, low-cost personal recreational or utility vehicle.

The multipurpose Neuera can operate up to 10 feet above any surface: land, water, sand, snow, swamp or grasslands. It can be used like other recreational vehicles, combining the capabilities of a boat, hovercraft, ATV, snowmobile or other off-road vehicle. It also has the hover and vertical take off and landing capabilities of a helicopter and the ability to leap over barriers and other obstacles. Its ducted fans provide lift and propulsion without the dangerous exposed rotor blades and high maintenance costs of rotary-winged aircraft. The vehicle uses state-of-the-art fly-by-wire computer technology to monitor, control and maintain stability of the vehicle, while simultaneously making it simple and easy to operate.

- See more at: http://www.moller.com/neuera.html#sthash.9zI0r7hQ.dpuf


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