CTLS, Flight Design U.S.A.’s CTLS light Sport Aircraft

http://www.sportaviationmagazine.com – Flight Design CTLS – Dan Johnson gives us a quick look at the CTLS, light sport aircraft from Flight Design U.S.A. during the Midwest LSA Show / Expo Mt. Vernon Airport,100 Aviation Way Mt. Vernon Illinois.

The leading seller of Light-Sport Aircraft is Flight Design and CTLS is their third-generation of the popular CT series. Not only geared to American pilot interest, CTLS added many new features including a more spacious cabin with greater visibility (though it was already huge). CTLS comes standard with a full glass panel, ballistic parachute and more.

Flight Design USA is the importer of CT, the top selling Light-Sport Aircraft. CT is a 98% carbon fiber design with superb performance, a roomy cockpit, great useful load, and a parachute as standard equipment.

One of the first Light-Sport Aircraft to win approval, CT quickly moved well ahead as the most popular model in the USA. Over 1,800 of this 17-year-old, well-evolved design are flying worldwide. Born of aeronautical genius, CT has a unique shape (with a “safety cell” cabin) and smooth exterior finish that allows it to hit the LSA speed limit of 120 knots. Yet CT — now in its current CTLSi configuration — can also cruise with 75% power at a respectable 112 knots (129 mph) while sipping fuel from its large 34 gallon fuel tanks that allow a non-stop flight over 1,000 miles.

Flight Design USA
CT boasts a flat glide angle yet it slows well for landings with full flap stalls at only 39 knots. Takeoff requires only 300 feet of ground roll and climb reaches 1,000 fpm. The new CTLSi has electric flaps (-6 to +40 degrees), three-axis trim, cabin heat, and more. Occupants have 49 inches of width; space in the cockpit for items needed in flight, and can each carry 55 pounds of luggage, easily accessed through dual exterior doors.

Loaded with extras that cost more on other designs, every CTLS comes equipped with a BRS High-Speed 1350 emergency airframe parachute. Addionally all CTLS or CTLSi aircraft come standards with dual Dynon electronic flight info systems and engine monitoring screens. You can also have TruTrak autopilot and the new panel-mounted Garmin GPS to make long cross-country flights a breeze.

In 2008, Flight Design introduced the nose-to-tail-new CTLS that is sold fully loaded with only a few options available. The fuel-injected CTLSi was debuted in 2012. The company’s market-leading sales have continued and CT remains well ahead of the next closest Light-Sport Aircraft (according to FAA registration data). Flight Design further unveiled their MC (Metal Concept) model at AirVenture Oshkosh 2008. While it looks much like the CTLS, it is made mostly of metal — the CTLS is mostly carbon fiber — and MC is available at a very modest starting price.

Flight Design USA
Flight Design USA

Web Site: www.flightdesignusa.com
eMail: fstar@rcn.com
Address: 91 Route 169
P.0. Box 325
City: South Woodstock, CT 06267 USA
Phone: (860) 963-7272
Fax: (860) 963-7152


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