Cyprus Airways at Skiathos – Landings, Takeoffs, Cockpit Views, Onboard Action, Plane Spotting-A320

The Era of Cyprus Airways, the airline established in 1947 which flew DC3s, Tridents, 707s, DC9s, A310s, A330s and more, has come to a sudden end. There will be no CYP7636 and CYP7606 to Skiathos this summer, yet in this 40 minute special, you can watch all the action of CY I filmed at that airport so far... Subscribe to my channel:

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It's about my favourite combination: favourite aircraft+favourite airline+favourite airport. Boarding my direct flight of CY from Larnaca to Skiathos was always a dream come true. In this video, you can watch onboard cabin wing view videos of takeoffs and landings at the Second St Maarten onboard CY, exterior shots of the aircraft parked on the apron, plane spotting clips of CY aircraft arriving and departing, as well as a shortfield flex 46 cockpit takeoff from runway 20. All onboard the aircraft painted in the colours of the Cypriot flying mouflon.
I knew I was flying with the airline of my country in safety, as CY did not have a single crash in its rich history. I was always welcomed by the Cypriot "Γεια σας" or "Χαίρετε" along with warm smiles, and boarded the aircraft with great intimacy as it always felt like my second home. It was the place I learned about aviation and fell in love with it. I owe a big thanks to CY just for that, as well as for everything else it offered to me and people worldwide.

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My name is Demetris Gregoriou and I am 17 year old aspiring student pilot from Cyprus. Since I was young, I was always fascinated by aviation and my goal with this channel is to share with you my passion for absolutely free. I always try my utmost in providing the world with every possible kind of aviation videos. Please show me your support by commenting and liking and/or sharing my videos and subscribing to my channel!

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Panasonic HDC SD90 @ 1080p

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Velbon DV-7000 with Manfrotto 502AH fluid video head

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Rode Videomic Pro @ -10 dB


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