#DareToCompare WestJet’s Plus fare

WestJet is Canada’s only airline with system-wide Premium Economy. On June 14 we set up at Sherway Gardens Mall in Toronto and challenged Canadians to compare WestJet’s Premium Economy (our Plus fare) with the highest level economy fare of the other guys.* Learn more: http://fly.ws/daretocompare

We showed them the Plus experience on a mock WestJet Boeing 737 and then armed them with tablets to search for fares on dates and to destinations of their choosing and every time WestJet Plus was the better price. The results are in; not only does Plus give you more space, more food and more drink but you can get it for less.

*Our Boeing 737 aircraft include a blocked middle seat. Our Boeing 767 aircraft are equipped with wider seats. Seats in Plus on flights operated by WestJet Encore do not have extra legroom or space. Food and drink selections vary depending on flight length, time of day and availability and are available on flights over 2.5 hours. Comparison based on WestJet’s Plus fare vs highest level economy fare and associated benefits offered by our leading competitor on similar domestic routes and aircraft types.

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