DELIVERY FLIGHT | Airbus A320neo Lufthansa Takeoff from Hamburg Finkenwerder!

THIS IS A MUST SEE IF THERE EVER WAS ONE! When else do you see half-assembled aircraft during taxi to the runway? Everything from Qatar's first A320neo to Delta's first A321! This is AVGEEK heaven and I can't believe I had the pleasure of experiencing this special moment with Airbus and Lufthansa. More videos to come! AND LISTEN TO THAT ENGINE ( Pratt & Whitney PW1000G) - IT'S SO QUIET!


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Airline: Lufthansa, LH
Aircraft: Airbus A320-271n(WL) - A320neo (New Engine Option)
Aircraft First Flight: 11 December 2015
Flight Number: LH9917
Airport: Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport, XFW, EDHI
Gate: N/A
Runway: RWY 23
Date: 12 February 2016
Time of day: 3:45PM, 15:45
Delay: None
Flight duration: 50 mins
Destination: Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
Seat: Row 5, Seat 5A
Camera: Panasonic HC-V770

More wing view videos:

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