Delta First Class Seattle to Honolulu KSEA-PHNL Flight Review

Enjoy a first class ticket ride (& commentary) on a Delta 757-300 N594NW Flight 2237 with two great sounding Pratt & Whitney engines as we depart KSEA Seattle, WA for warm PHNL Honolulu, Hawaii.

In this video you’ll see a bit of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport as well as Honolulu International Airport while enjoying a flight on what use to be a former Northwest Airlines Boeing 757.

My conclusion on the service: I’ve flown Delta for many years and I’m also active within their Skymiles Program. Their product is basic and straight to the point. I’ve never been let down by Delta unlike riding the budget fleets of other airlines.

What’s not seen in the video was the attentive service from the stewards that I’ve also experienced riding in Economy on international flights.

My only gripes were the outdated entertainment for a flight that goes over 5 hours. I’ve done this same flight right after the merger and nothing has changed on the plane other than the paint.

Thank you Delta for a fine experience and look forward to boarding your aircraft in the future.


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